About Garrett-Walker Homes

The name is new to Phoenix, but the people behind Garrett-Walker Homes have been locally building new homes for over 25 years. These home building professionals have nearly 100 years of combined experience in building quality homes throughout the state.

Starting in the 1970s, the Garrett-Walker team began building homes with an emphasis on family friendly floor plans, value, and quality construction. This tradition continues today at Garrett-Walker Homes.

Our Communities

Garrett-Walker Homes is proud to offer New Homes for sale in communities where YOU want to live. Each project is carefully reviewed for location, affordability and lasting value. We are especially proud of our in-fill Phoenix locations as well as our Prescott area communities. Let us build your family a new home!

Why Buy From Us

Garrett-Walker Homes is a local, Arizona based company that values its contribution to our state’s economy. Let Garrett-Walker Homes use its experience and expertise to build your family a quality home today.  We strive to utilize Arizona based craftsman and manufacturers for nearly everything in your new home. The money you spend on a Garrett-Walker Home stays in Arizona, aiding our local economy. The team behind Garrett-Walker Homes has over 100 years combined experience in building homes throughout Arizona. Garrett-Walker Homes: your Local, Experienced, Quality Home builder in Arizona!