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Advantages of buying a new home

Advantages of buying a new home

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If you are in the market for a home, you have probably been trying to determine whether you want a newly built home, or if you want to go with an older home. While it is important to consider all of the options before you when deciding on a big purchase like this, it is hard to deny the clear advantages new homes offer. Customizable, less maintenance surprises and even that new home smell – newly built homes bring a number of benefits that older homes cannot match.

Clear Advantages of Buying A New Home

The advantages of buying a new home are numerous. Some of these include:

Less Maintenance

New homes are built with new materials, which means you can expect many years of trouble free use. The same cannot be said for older homes. When you buy an older home, you may discover that certain components – roof, plumbing, appliances, insulation – are wearing out. The chances of needing to replace something on an older home are high.

You also get a warranty on the home that ensures any issues that do arise are fixed immediately. Even when the warranty expires, you still have the peace of mind that comes from new construction. Yes, your home will wear and need upkeep over time, but you should have years before any of this becomes a major concern.


One of the biggest advantages of buying a new home is the ability to customize it. When you order a new home from a builder, the builder will take you through a customization process. You will get to pick from different floor plans, and you will get to choose any additions that you want to include in the final product. These can include customized accents, cabinet style and stain, flooring, countertops, hardware finishes and more. Your options will depend on what is offered at each community plan, but you will be the one deciding how the home turns out.


While this will depend on the community, another one of the advantages of buying a new home is the different incentives you can choose with your purchase. Incentives change but you may be able to receive free or reduced options and/or receive a certain percentage paid toward your closings costs. You may be able to get an upgrade to your new home that would normally cost thousands extra, just for deciding to buy new.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Another one of the great advantages of buying a new home is that your home will be much more energy efficient than if you were to choose an older model. New home builders employ all of the latest building methods and materials that result in a more efficient home; such as Low E dual pane windows and 14 seer heat pumps. You can get energy efficient appliances, HVAC systems, stoves, lighting and more. You can choose insulation options that will reduce your energy consumption as well.

Increased Fire Safety

Newly built homes are manufactured to current building codes, which often means they will have fire safety features that do not exist in older models. These fire safety features may include fire retardant in building materials and smoke detectors that are hard wired into the electrical system of the house. You and your family can rest a little easier knowing that the home is as well protected from fire.

Better Financing

Many new home builders have financing agreements with particular lenders, giving you the option to finance the home at a better rate or with added perks that you would not get from another lender. These financing deals are specific to each lender, but better financing is certainly one of the possible advantages of buying a new home.