Congratulations on the closing of your new home! To ensure your home performs as designed, please refer to the provided checklist within your home buyer binder, manufacturer’s warranty, or industry standards for routine maintenance and service. While we strive to ensure your satisfaction from day one of the sale through the life of the warranty, your home will experience normal wear and tear.

Our goals for your warranty service include:

  • A timely response and follow-through for on-time appointments and contact with your Customer Care Advisor.
  • The commitment that any repairs will be completed as scheduled and will be “right the first time.” Please note that SOME repairs may require several appointments or steps for a proper resolution.
  • A clean site after repairs and all service to be completed with a courteous respectful attitude.

If there are any items requiring attention through your 2-10 Builders Warranty, please fill out and submit a warranty request form.


Warranty requests are typically reviewed the same day submitted, although non-emergency requests may not have a response until the next business day.

An emergency is generally considered as one of the following occurring at your home:

  • Total loss of heating when temperatures are below 60 degrees (if the home has more than one unit, all units must be inoperable)
  • Total loss of cooling when temperatures are above 90 degrees (if the home has more than one unit, all units must be inoperable)
  • Gas leak (advise to shut off gas immediately)
  • Interior plumbing leak that requires the entire home’s water to be shut off
  • Water heater is not working, and it is more than 48 hours before the next business day.
  • Complete loss of electrical power
  • Plumbing back-ups that affects all areas of home

If this is an emergency and after hours, please refer to the emergency contact sheet provided at closing and call the related trade for service (remember to also submit your warranty request.) If you need the assistance of a Garrett Walker Customer Care Advisor after hours, please call (602) 390-5916 for assistance. Calls to the emergency number during normal business hours will not be answered.


Please contact our corporate office if at any time we are not meeting our goals. You will also receive three (3) Eliant surveys during the first year of warranty. Please provide any feedback, whether positive or negative, so we can address any areas of improvement. Your opinion matters!