• I’m trying to save money. Is a new home right for me?

    While the financial situation of each person is different, there are some compelling financial reasons to choose a new home.

    Personalization is one area where you can save some money. While it is great to add all the exciting features available, we like to make sure all of our homes are high quality. This means that even the most basic model has everything you need to feel comfortable and to enjoy your living experience. We use solid craftsmanship and reliable materials as a rule. So even if you buy the most inexpensive home we offer, it will be something you can depend on for many, many years.

    Maintenance and repair is another area where buying new can really save in costs. Everything in your new home will be new – meaning it should last for years before needing replacement. As long as you take care of basic maintenance needs, everything in your home should remain reliable far into the future.

    Warranty is also a cost consideration. Each of our homes comes with a 2-10 warranty – 2 years of comprehensive warranty, and 10 years for structural issues. This alone can save you money. Things do go wrong in a home, even a new one. With our warranty, you will not have to worry about covering such costs for some time.