• What is the advantage to buying a new home instead of a resale home?

    Buying a new home offers a number of benefits. The first is personalization. You can choose exactly how you want your home to look. We offer a number of different floor plans, and you can pick from both structural and design options when you create your house in our design center. By the time we start building your home, you will know exactly how it will turn out, room to room.

    Maintenance is another benefit to buying a new home. Homes age just like everything else. Buying an older home can come with a host of problems, including roof issues, HVAC problems, dated design, plumbing issues, electrical issues. Essentially, every component of the home can possibly need maintenance, or even replacement. With a new home, you know that everything is functional and ready to last for years.

    All builder’s are required to include a 1 year warranty. Additionally, we include a 2/10 warranty which includes a 2 year comprehensive warranty and a 10 year structural warranty, as well as customer service for the initial period of the warranty. We strive to provide the same level of service even after you close your home. This means that if you do have a problem, we will fix it for you. This is something you do not get when you buy an older home.