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Saving on Energy Cost with a New Home

A survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders indicates that energy efficiency and sustainability are among the most wanted features of new home buyers. New home builders are trying to meet this demand buy implementing building standards and using technologically advanced building materials. In then stands to reason that newer homers are typically much more energy efficient than existing homes. New home builders in Arizona are in many ways leading the rest of the country in implementing these new building technologies. The best part is that these new energy efficient homes are also of higher quality and comfort.

What to Look for in an Energy Efficient Home

When a home buyer sets out to look for a new home, it’s critical they find a home builder that utilizes energy efficient building technologies. Home buyers should ask the home builder about how the home was constructed and the utilization of energy efficient technologies. With continually rising energy costs energy efficient homes will save you money over the long run.

Additional ways to reduce home energy consumption:

  • Appliances that are optimized for energy efficiency.
  • Doors that are high-performance.
  • HVAC units that are optimized for energy efficiency.
  • Insulation that’s energy efficient.
  • Tight or air-sealed construction.
  • Windows featuring multiple panes or that are energy efficient.

Home Builders Helping Home Buyers

New home builders like Garrett-Walker homes will assist home buyers is finding additional ways to control or reduce energy costs. For example new Garrett-Walker homes come with programmable thermostats and insulation in crawl spaces to aid in the reduction of utility bills. Creating sustainable building methods and helping home buyers reduce overall energy consumption is a prime objective of Garrett-Walker homers. As a new home owner you should feel like you have made an investment in a home that will last a lifetime.